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Woburn House reveals amazing Woburn Hall improvements
Richard Bull
9 Aug 2019
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As we make our way through another typical British summer of scorching heat one week and thunderstorms the next, here at Woburn House we are making some further improvements for you our much valued clients.


Woburn Hall Improvements

Once again, we are investing in our Woburn Hall this summer to improve things further.  You can see a mock up of our new stage backdrop in the images above which we (and particularly our AV tech Ben) are super excited about.  The new stage set will not only make your conferences look more professional, but they will allow you to take ownership of the space and tailor it to your brand.  The two 65” LCD screens either side of the main projection screen will allow you to put up logos, images, videos etc which can be changed throughout the day.  How about putting the speakers name up there for example?  The lighting is going to be greatly improved with the ability for you to choose the colour of the stage backlighting to suit your brand or preference.  We are also upgrading the stage lighting system so we will be able to light up your speakers, perfect for filming or those all important social media photos.  We are also investing in more tie clip/lapel microphones giving you the option to have more relaxed panels with a coffee table and comfy seating as opposed to a top table.

We are also investing in a new brighter and sharper HD lazer projector with new 16:9 screen.  With the increased need for plugging in chargers for laptops and phones, we are increasing the number of power sockets in the hall including in the floor.  If all of this sounds confusing (or a little scary!) don’t worry, our AV wizard Ben Homan will be in touch on the lead up to your event to discuss what we can do for your booking. We plan to have all this in place by September 2019 so if you have a forthcoming booking with us for Woburn Hall you can speak to Ben 07917 630295 or email ben.homan@woburnhouse.co.uk and he will talk you through it.



Woburn Hall and Woburn Foyer will also be getting a new carpet installed and décor touch up to make these areas nice and fresh ready for the new events season.  We have also invested in some new tables for the UUK Boardroom, Tower Room and Brunswick Room.  We hope you like them.


Price Freeze

I am pleased to say that despite these significant improvements our hire prices and day delegate rates for all our spaces will not be increasing in 2019 so fear not you can still expect the fantastic value for money you have always experienced from Woburn House.  It’s what we like to call added value.


Catering improvements

Those of you that were with us in July will have noticed the new catering display equipment we have rolled out across the venue.  Our catering partner, CH&Co, have invested in some new display equipment which perfectly suits both our Work and Eat and fork buffet menus.  Our chef Ivan and catering manager Tim are working hard on some new menus for September which we will share with you as soon as we have them finalised. 


Phew! So as you can see, summer is not a time for us to relax and put our feet up but to continue to make improvements to keep us as your choice for meetings and events in 2019-20 and beyond.

We hope to see you very soon and please do get in touch should you have any meetings, conferences or events coming up.  We always like to hear from you bookings@woburnhouse.co.uk 020 7419 5489

All the best

Richard Bull

General Manager