Head Chef Ivan Ward shares top tips for a more nutritious event menu

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4th July 2017

Food is often the highlight of an event and it can be easy to go for the tried and tested favourites, but these aren’t always the best choices for providing your delegates with fuel for the day.

Here are my top tips for creating a more nutritious menu to keep your delegates going at your event in London.


It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whilst sausage or bacon rolls and pastries are delicious, they are not the best way to start the day. Anything with too much sugar in it will cause your delegates to slump mid-afternoon.

At Woburn House, we have a ‘Healthy breakfast’ option which includes muesli with no added sugar, Greek yoghurt, a selection of fruit and oatcakes with low fat cottage cheese.

Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese are both rich in protein, meaning they will give your delegates plenty of energy to keep focused throughout the morning.


The sandwich lunch is very popular but if you have a bacon roll for breakfast followed by a sandwich at lunch, that’s a lot of carbohydrates! Lunch is the perfect time to stock up on veg and greens.

Our hot and cold fork buffet menus have a great mix of protein, fresh vegetables, delicious salads and healthy complex carbohydrates, to give your delegates the right fuel for the rest of the day.


The go to snack at events for mid-morning and afternoon is normally a biscuit or pastry – often loaded with refined sugar that is calorie high but provides no nutritional benefits.

Swap the biscuits for whole fruit, loaded with vitamins and fibre, and a handful of nuts. The natural sugar in fruit will satisfy your delegates’ sweet tooth and the protein-rich nuts will provide a lift of energy.

People like to have the option to choose how healthy they want to be, so it’s important to supply a mix of food. As a simple rule, try and stick to a balance of 70% healthy choices and 30% ‘treats’, on your event menu spread. Everything in moderation!

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