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21st November 2016


We live in a fast-paced, digital world, so it can be easy to hide behind our desks and opt to connect online. Yes, it may seem more convenient or cost effective to send and email or drop a message on LinkedIn, but there are actually many benefits to meeting in person. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should step away from your desk, get out of the office, and go make an impression.

Power of body language

It's true that technology has come on leaps and bounds, but nothing can beat a face to face meeting for getting a good look at someone's body language. Experts say that roughly 93% of communication in meetings come from body language and tonal cues. Choice of words, volume, tone of voice, gestures, posture and facial expression can all convey powerful messages; actions really do speak louder than words.

Productivity & creativity

Knowing that you have all made and effort to be present will make you feel instantly engaged, will increase motivation and will focus your efforts to the task at hand. Furthermore, what could have taken a 20-email long trail to achieve can be done in a fraction of the time person, freeing up valuable time for other things on your to-do list. Meeting in a physical space also creates an engaging atmosphere where delegates can bounce ideas off each other and get the creative juices flowing.


Relationship building

You know that great feeling when you can put a name to a face you've seen on an email? This is the essence of a face to face. Realationships are built and cemented by physical meetings; in a recent survey 81% of business professionals believe that face to face meetings are better for building long term trust and ensuring strong relationships. At an event or meeting, you have the chance to network and become part of a community, which simply cannot be achieved through virtual platforms.

Woburn House Conference Centre is located a stone's throw from Euston station and has meeting spaces 2-200 delegates. If someone is unable to attand your meeting - dont worry, we have you covered; with tele and video conferencing facilities as well as super-fast Wi-Fi no one has to miss a thing!