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Rita BalestrazzFinlux

Finlux launch next generation 4K UHD TVs at Woburn House

​February 2016

Rita is Brand Communications Manager for Finlux. Finlux is at the fore-front of innovation, providing a fast-paced 24/7 online hub for home technology. It is one of the first online electronic brands belonging to the third largest TV manufacturer in the world.

Finlux chose Woburn House’s refreshed Woburn Hall, to host its first press event, celebrating the launch of their new range of 4K UHD TVs.  The event offered Finlux the opportunity to introduce the new product line to 20 of the most influential AV journalists, offering them the opportunity to interact with their technology.

Rita, why did you choose Woburn House for your event?

Super convenient, spacious and extremely well-equipped, Woburn House offers an unrivalled central London location that’s easy for anyone to find. The Woburn Hall offered a blank canvas, perfect for showcasing televisions. The venue’s event’s team helped us incorporate the Finlux branding by introducing blue signature lighting. 

How did you find the booking process?

The booking process was straight forward and the team were helpful and efficient in the run up to the event itself going above and beyond the call of duty to assist.

The vast range of catering options meant we could choose dishes that suited the contemporary and informal ambience we were looking to create. 

Tell us about your experience on the day

The event’s team at Woburn House were on hand to help us set up the televisions.

It was a busy afternoon and the press welcomed the opportunity to exclusively preview and play the new Just Cause 3 game for the first time on our new 55” 4K UHD Curved TV.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the street food concept and particularly loved how unusual and beautifully presented the dishes were.

With helpful staff as well as plenty of equipment to create the right look and ambience for businesses, Woburn House is, by far, one of the best event locations that we have ever used.

I would absolutely recommend Woburn House - the venue is extremely dynamic, making it ideal for a whole host of applications. For technology companies, it’s perfect, offering super-fast WiFi, plenty of sockets for equipment and some great lighting effects for branding.

Woburn House pulled out all the stops to cater for what was our first showcase event in London. We would definitely consider using them for future events.