The Value of the Independent Venue

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28th March 2017

There are over 10,000 venues in the UK, with over 30% of these venues in London alone, and when choosing one for an event it can be easy to default to a brand.  However, it’s worthwhile scratching beneath the surface of the venue scene, to uncover a hidden independent gem.

Doing more for less

In Eventbrite’s 2017 Event Industry Pulse Report, 70% of event professionals surveyed specified that cost was the most important factor when deciding on a venue. Independent venues are well versed in doing more for less, meaning event planners’ budgets can go further. Furthermore, independent venues often have the luxury of fewer overhead costs, which then translates to lower prices for their customers. These prices are decided upon by the people on the ground, not by a board looking purely at figures.

Space to be flexible

Run and managed by people on the ground, independent venues have a greater level of flexibility and are able to provide a tailor-made event package to suit a variety of briefs or budgets. With a flatter management structure, there is no need to wait for offers to be approved or prices to be signed off and there is no checking up the ranks to see if special requests can be met. These things are dealt with by the team at the venue, who can react efficiently to a situation or request and can cater exactly to your needs.






Unparalleled service

Independent venues are in a position to offer a bespoke and personalised service that cannot be rivalled. When making an initial enquiry for an event, the likelihood is that the team member you speak to will then be your one and only point of contact, allowing for complete continuity and a seamless event experience. Having one dedicated team member gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that they know your event brief inside out.

A greater purpose

Often independent venues serve a dual purpose and are home to a parent organisation, whether this be a building of interest or perhaps a charity. This develops a story and personality for the venue, making it a point of interest as well as adding a level of prestige to the event, in the knowledge that you are contributing to a greater cause. For example, Woburn House is wholly owned by registered charity Universities UK and all profits are gifted back to the charity, helping to fund the work that they do.

More than meets the eye

Over 1.3 million events are held in the UK each year and of these over 60% are held in hotel meeting rooms. Independent venues can offer so much more than just the walls they are made up of, they offer character, personality and exceptional standards of quality. That’s the true value of the independent venue.

Woburn House is a smart, versatile venue in central London, just a stone’s throw from Euston station.

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